RNAJunction Database - Help - Angle Range Input


Angle Range Input

RNAJunction allows users to search for junctions by their geometric conformation using ranges of angles. In order for a query of our database to be successful, one must specify a range of possible values for each angle in a structure.

In the input box labeled "Angle Range" enter:
in degrees, for each angle in the type of junction you are searching for. n_min, being the minimum value for the angle, and n_max, being the maximum value. The ranges should be input in ascending order (in terms of magnitude) with the smallest angle first.

This feature only works for Kissing-loops, 2-way, 3-way and 4-way junctions.

Junction Type# of angles
Kissing Loop1

If only one angle is sought, in, for example a three or four-way junction, users may provide "0-180". If an junction containing a specific angle is sought, users may provide "60-60".


"40-80 60-100 100-140"
The above input will produce results with angle one between 40 and 80 degrees, angle two between 60 and 100 degrees and angle 3 between 100 and 140 degrees.