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Entry no. 12898 Classification:N/A
Name:1JZZ_k2_A-C2227_A-C2243 Angle(s):66°
Entry no. 12904 Classification:N/A
Name:1K01_k2_A-C2227_A-C2243 Angle(s):62°
Entry no. 13030 Classification:N/A
Name:1Y69_k2_0-C2227_0-C2243 Angle(s):67°
Entry no. 1886 Classification:HS7HS11
Name:1JZZ_j2_A-U1051_A-G1118 Angle(s):75°
Entry no. 2009 Classification:HS7HS11
Name:1K01_j2_A-U1051_A-G1118 Angle(s):71°
Entry no. 10603 Classification:HS7HS11
Name:2FEY_j2_A-C5_A-C31 Angle(s):149°
Entry no. 12878 Classification:N/A
Name:1J5A_k2_A-C2227_A-C2243 Angle(s):64°
Entry no. 12886 Classification:N/A
Name:1JZX_k2_A-C2227_A-C2243 Angle(s):62°
Entry no. 12892 Classification:N/A
Name:1JZY_k2_A-C2227_A-C2243 Angle(s):63°

9 Entries Found - Displaying 1 to 9


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