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Entry no. 8148 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1XBP_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):69°
Entry no. 10774 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:2GYA_j2_0-G674_0-C795 Angle(s):170°
Entry no. 11082 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:2HGJ_j2_A-C1202_A-G1236 Angle(s):30°
Entry no. 12274 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:2OGM_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):64°
Entry no. 13088 Classification:N/A
Name:2GYC_k2_0-A743_0-C1612 Angle(s):1°
Entry no. 553 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1GRZ_j2_B-G129_B-U182 Angle(s):166°
Entry no. 3643 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1NJM_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):74°
Entry no. 3780 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1NJN_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):72°
Entry no. 3920 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1NJO_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):74°
Entry no. 4055 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1NJP_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):75°
Entry no. 4184 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1NKW_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):65°
Entry no. 4258 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1OND_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):66°
Entry no. 4325 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1P9X_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):67°
Entry no. 5803 Classification:HS6HS10
Name:1SM1_j2_0-C1052_0-G1118 Angle(s):61°

14 Entries Found - Displaying 1 to 14


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