FROM GENOME TO PROTEOME: 3rd Siena 2D electrophoresis meeting

FROM GENOME TO PROTEOME: 3rd Siena 2D electrophoresis meeting. This will take place in Siena, Italy, Aug. 31 - Sept. 3, 1998 (Monday to Thursday).


D. F. Hochstrasser, University of Geneva, Switzerland. L. Bini and V. Pallini, University of Siena, Italy. (Information and Correspondence: Dpt. Biologia Molecolare, Pian dei Mantellini 44, 53100 Siena, Italy. Tel:+39 577 298-045 or -014; Fax: +39 577 298-084; e-mail:; Web site:

The preliminary program includes:


Genotypes and Phenotypes (J. Klose)


1  - Sample preparation fractionation, solubilisation, precipitation etc.
     (T. Rabilloud, B. Herbert)
2  - Separation by charge -1st dimension, pH, pI, pK, and relevant
     gradients (B. Bjellqvist, A. Goerg, P.G.Righetti)
3  - Separation by size -2nd dimension, transblot and quantitation -3rd
     dimension (J.-C. Sanchez, L. Bini)
4  - Protein chemical analysis (F. Lottspeich)
      a) protein identification and partial characterisation
        (S. Patterson, C. Eckerskorn)
      b) co- and post-translational modification analysis
        (R. Aebersold, N. Packer)
5  - Cyber proteomic tools (M. Wilkins, J. Yates)
6  - Proteomic data management  and acquisition, display, storage
     (A. Bairoch, S. Prime)
7  - Artificial intelligence, neural networks  and principal component
     analysis, wavelet analysis (R. Appel, P.J. Drew)
8  - Experiment design and theory (L.G. Anderson, G. Gonnet)
9  - Interventional clinical and biomedical proteomics
     (J. Celis, M. Harrington, D.F. Hochstrasser)
10 - Nanotechnology -multidimensional separation on a chip and
     microchip chemistry (H. Girault, J. Roeraade)
11 - Automation and the future (P. James, A. Gooley)


1 - Prokaryotes (I. Humphery-Smith, L. Bini), 
2 - Yeast (S. Fey), 
3 - Plants (A. Goerg, H. Thiellement), 
4 - Rat and mouse (J. Klose, L.G. Anderson), 
5 - Human cell and tissues (M.J. Dunn), 
6 - Body fluids (C. Merril, J.-C. Sanchez), 
7 - Oncology (S. Hanash, C. Sarto), 
8 - Pharmacology and toxicology (L.G. Anderson). 
Additional speakers are to be announced.


Posters will be accessible for the duration of the meeting. Selected Posters will be discussed in the parallel sessions.


Genome, Proteome and Combinatorial Chemistry (K.L. Williams).


An Updated program will be available from the web site: To facilitate e-mail transmission, there are no forms to be completed. If you wish to attend the meeting please e-mail or fax us your affiliation, addresses and hotel requirements.

We will acknowledge reception of your registration. We will forward your hotel reservation to the Hotel Agency which will indicate name and address of your hotel and will ask for a deposit (Hotel prices are reported below). DEADLINE for sending registration and hotel reservation is MAY 31st.

September is high season in Siena and hotel availability for this meeting is limited to 200 rooms. In case you decide to attend the meeting, as we hope, please let us know at your earliest convenience.


It is 900,000 Lit (Italian lire, inclusive of 20% VAT, ca. 920 DM or ca. 515 US $). It includes reception party, social dinner, four lunches and seven coffee breaks. The fee for accompanying person is 180,000 Lit (inclusive of 20% VAT) and covers reception party and social dinner. Payment is to be made by bank check payable to: 2D ELECTROPHORESIS, UNIVERSITA' SIENA, and mailed to UFFICIO CONGRESSI, UNIVERSITA SIENA, VIA BANCHI DI SOTTO 46, 53100 SIENA, ITALY along with a letter indicating name and affiliation of person(s) to be registered. DEADLINE IS MAY 31st.


Prices per room per night (breakfast included) in hotels in the historical center are as follows: 1st CLASS, single room Lit 180,000-200,000, double room Lit 240,000-290,000, double room used as single Lit 200,000-235,000; 2nd CLASS, single room Lit 100,000-130,000, double room Lit 150,000-200,000, double room used as single Lit 130,000-160,000; 3rd CLASS, double room Lit 130,000-136,000, double room used as single Lit 115,000-120,000. Accommodations in small apartments in the Chianti hills (the university cloister at Pontignano, villas and farmhouses) are also possible, especially if you are driving. Parking lots are located near the conference building. PLEASE SEND YOUR RESERVATION TO US, BY MAY 31st.


ABSTRACTS (one page max.) are to be sent by e-mail or just by snail mail. If possible, please avoid fax. DEADLINE is MAY 31st. Please indicate if you wish oral or poster presentation.

PROCEEDINGS will be published in a special issue of ELECTROPHORESIS six months after the meeting. Dr. M.J. Dunn will be the Editor. If you wish to have your contribution published in the Proceedings, it is important that you have your manuscript(s) ready at the meeting. We'll send you the Instructions to Authors upon receipt of your abstract(s).


The RECEPTION PARTY will take place on the evening of Sunday, August 30, PLENARY SESSIONS on the 31st, the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd of September, PARALLEL SESSIONS in the afternoon of Aug. 31, Sept. 1, 2. The meeting will be over in the early afternoon of the 3rd.

TRAVEL FROM SIENA to FLORENCE AIRPORT is ca. 2 hr. Bus leaves Siena every hour. Florence Bus Station is well connected with Florence Airport. Travel to PISA AIRPORT takes ca 2 hr. and to ROMA AIRPORT ca 4 hr; trains to Pisa and to Rome leave Siena almost every hour in the late afternoon during summer.

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