Partial List of Web 2D Electrophoretic Gel Databases

Material Web location (URL) Organization E-mail
Liver, plasma, HepG2, HepG2SP, RBC, lymphoma, CSF, macrophage-CL, erythroleukemia-CL, platelet, yeast, E.coli, colorectal, kidney, muscle, macrophage-like-CL, Pancreatic Islets, Epididymus, dictyostelium ExPASy SWISS-2DPAGE E-mail
Mouse liver, human breast cell lines, pyrococcus Argonne Protein Mapping Group E-mail
Human: primary keratinocytes, epithelial, hematopoietic, mesenchymal, hematopoietic, tumors, urothelium, amnion fluid, serum, urine, proteasomes, ribosomes, phosphorylations. Mouse: epithelial, new born (ear, heart, liver, lung) Danish Centre for Human Genome Research E-mail
Human Colorectal-CL, Placental lysosomes Joint Protein Structure Lab E-mail
A375 melanoma cell line UCSF 2D PAGE E-mail
E.coli (old) ECO2DBASE (in NCBI repository) E-mail
Yeast PROTEOME Inc (YPD - Yeast Protein DB) E-mail
Yeast Yeast 2D gel DB, Bordeaux E-mail
Human, rat and mouse heart HSC-2DPAGE, Heart Science Centre, Harefield Hospital E-mail
Human heart HEART-2DPAGE, German Heart Inst. Berlin E-mail
Human heart HP-2DPAGE, MDC, Berlin E-mail
Embryonal stem cells Immunobiology, Univ. Edinburgh E-mail
Rat, mouse, human liver, corn, wheat Large Scale Biology Corp E-mail
Maize Maize Genome Database, INRA E-mail
Bacillus subtilis Univ. Greifswald E-mail
Phosphoprotein, prostate, phosphoprotein, breast cancer drug screen, FAS (plasma), Cd toxicity (urine), leukemia IPS/LECB, NCI/FCRDC E-mail
Human: Inner Ear Washington Univ. Inner Ear Protein Database E-mail
Cyano2Dbase - Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 Protein Project of Cyanobacteria E-mail
Haemophilus influenzae & Neisseria meningitidis 2-D PAGE Aberdeen E-mail
Human leukemia cell lines Lab. de Biochimie et Tech. des Proteines, Bobigny E-mail
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, vaccine strain M. bovis BCG, Max-Planck-Institut f. Infektionsbiologie E-mail
Dental tissue in rat ToothPrint DB E-mail
Chlamydia trachomatis L2, Caenorhabditis elegans, Human breast ductal carcinoma and Histologically normal tissue, Human amniotic fluid Siena2D-PAGE E-mail
Parasite host cell interaction, IFN-gamma induced HeLa cells PHCI-2DPAGE E-mail
Human colorectal carcinoma PMMA-2DPAGE E-mail
Mouse, Human broncho-alveolar lavage fluid BALF 2D_AGE E-mail
Human Mitochondria Mito-pick E-mail

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