Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis Databases - Lists


This document contains lists of items of interest to the 2D electrophetic protein gel research community including a table of 2D protein gel databases or related sites. It also contains Mailing and E-mail list for researchers attending the 1994 Siena conference "2D Electrophoresis: from protein maps to genomes" to facilitate collaboration. The mailing list and E-mail list for the 1996 Siena Meeting is also available.

List of known Electrophoretic Societies

Please notify us with the names and URL's of other electrophoresis societies' servers (and/or changes) and we will list them here.

Mailing and E-mail list for researchers attending 1994 2D Electrophoresis Siena Meeting

NOTICE: This mailing and E-mail list is maintained for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY for attendees (and other interested persons) of "2D Electrophoresis: from protein maps to genomes", at the Univ. of Siena, Italy, Sept 5-7, 1994. The meeting was organized by Denis Hochstrasser (U. Geneva), Vitaliano Palini and Luca Bini (U. Siena). HINT: use your WWW browser search command to locate particular individuals. [Please contact us with corrections and changes.]

Some moments from the conference

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